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Mayor represents the Municipality; he is a holder of executive power of the Municipality


  • Proposal of statute of the Municipality,
  • Proposal of decisions and other general acts to the Municipal Assembly,
  • Development of draft budget and proposal for budget ratification, annual statement, economic plan, development plan, investments program, spatial and town plan, and other urban planning documentation concerning use and management of public land,
  • Informing the Municipal Assembly on all issues within competence of the Municipality, including its rights and obligations,
  • Execution of local policies in accordance with the Municipal Assembly decisions, implementation of the municipal budget and insuring application of the decisions and other Assembly documents,
  • Implementation of law and other regulations of the Republic and the Town entrusted to the Municipality,
  • Decision making on establishment of the Municipal Administrative Service,
  • Ratification of the Rulebook on organization and systematization of work positions in the Municipal Administrative Service,
  • Ratification of the Civil Protection Plan and insuring its implementation,
  • Cooperation of Municipality Prnjavor with other municipalities, cities, international and other organizations, in accordance with decisions and conclusions of the Municipal Assembly and the appropriate task groups,
  • Giving approval for Statutes and other general acts of enterprises and institutions founded by the Municipality,
  • Submission of report on its own activities and the Administrative Service activities to the Municipal Assembly,
  • Making initiative for suspension of execution of the Municipal Assembly regulation, general or special acts, until the decision of competent judicial authority, if considered illegitimate,
  • Ratification of contracts on behalf of the Municipality, in accordance with this Statute and the Municipal Assembly acts,
  • Resolving in the second instance on appeal of the first instance decisions of the municipal administrative services, unless Republican authorities are competent to decide on them,
  • Responsibility for legality of all the acts which he proposes to the Municipal Assembly,
  • Making decisions on disposal of assets as determined by Statute of the Municipality,
  • Other jobs defined by the law and Statute of the Municipality.